Four Secrets to a Good Night's Sleep

September is here which means one thing: it's Sleeptember! 

Sleeptember is an annual event run by The Sleep Council which raises the awareness of the importance of sleep, what you can do to achieve a better night's rest and what benefits sleep can bring. We all know how important sleep is to general health and wellbeing but did you know that, as a nation, we aren't getting enough? Research tells us that a third of us sleep for just five to six hours a night. So, how can we remedy this - improving our quality of sleep and, with that, our quality of life? 



1. Maintain a consistent bedtime and wake-up routine.

Keeping consistent with your sleep schedule helps to regulate your body clock. Sometimes, this can feel a little frustrating when you find yourself naturally waking up at 6AM on a weekend when you feel you could really use a precious lie-in - but fear not as this is just an indication that your internal body clock is ticking along and doing as it should. 

2. Limit your screen-time pre-bed.

We carry most of our lives with us on our phones and other electronic devices nowadays. That's why it can be a little bit hard to detach ourselves from them an hour or so before bedtime, as recommended. But the blue light emitted from these devices, as well as the act with actively engaging with content or information on our screens, can actually activate the brain, making it harder for us to switch off.  



3. Be mindful of your bedtime routine.

Following on from detaching yourself a little more from your favourite electronic device before bed, why not engage in a calming activity like taking a warm bath, reading, or doing some meditation to help quieten your mind? After all, your body needs some time to shift into a slower gear and unwind in order to fall asleep.

4. Create a relaxing sleep environment.

A room that is cool, quiet and dark will help to promote sound sleep. But, of course, the quality of your sleep can also come down to the quality of your bed linen. Our sumptuous range of bedding is the perfect place to start in building your perfect sleep haven; why not bring the outside in with our decorative Plum Songbirds Bed Linen? Featuring enchanting songbirds settled in an idyllic meadow of pretty tree blossoms set against a rich plum backdrop, this luxurious design is digitally printed on plush 220 thread count 100% cotton sateen and will make a beautiful addition to your home. Or, if you're looking to set a different mood, you can introduce bold elegance to your bedroom with our Midnight Dancing Cranes Bed Linen, featuring an array of stylish pink cranes with a flourish of exotic feathers dancing against a midnight blue sky. If you're looking for the perfect combination of comfort and style, we have you covered.