Eye Masks

Eye Masks

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Explore our luxurious assortment of silk eye masks, adorned with charming characters and sophisticated motifs. These fabulous beauty must-haves will ensure you get a good night’s sleep – the covered elasticated straps on each guarantee maximum comfort and prevent damage to your hair, whilst silk is naturally soft against the skin and will help to retain moisture around the delicate eye area.

Find glamorous accessories that reap numerous benefits. The benefits of a silk eye mask go far beyond working to block out intrusive light and ensure you’re going to sleep in complete darkness; other benefits include improving your skin overall (as silk eye masks are full of natural proteins that can help regulate body temperature and control moisture) and improving sleep quality (because we all have light sensitive cells in our retinas that tell our brain when it’s daytime or nighttime – this can easily become disrupted if we’re travelling, for instance). Otherwise, silk eye masks work to tighten the skin, eliminate puffiness, make the eyes appear more energised and brighter, help your body secrete adequate melatonin, diminish the signs of fatigue, and reduce the appearance of dark circles. 

Travel in comfort and style with a Sara Miller London eye mask. Each silk eye mask is lightly cushioned and designed to sit softly against the face, aiming to provide the most relaxing night’s rest possible. Whether you’re looking for luxury silk eyes as a gorgeous gift or want to purchase a stylish travel essential for yourself, you’ll find some of the best luxury silk eye masks online at Sara Miller London. Our eye masks are fit for mums looking for an uninterrupted night’s rest, families on long airplane journeys, and everyone in between – even if you just enjoy feeling pampered and treating yourself. You don’t need an excuse!

From an array of green birds in an enchanted garden setting to quirky flamingos amongst jungle foliage, our eye masks are guaranteed to bring added luxury to your dressing table and will look great on your pillow. Each silk eye mask is wrapped delicately in tissue paper and presented in a stunning foil pressed gift box, making it an ideal gift or an indulgent treat for yourself.