Cushion Ideas for Bed and Sofa

We’ve all been there: we spend hours planning how we’d like to renovate our space, sifting through every last detail on our mood-boards and getting everything prepared. But then, once everything’s all put together, it seems like something’s missing but you can’t quite put your finger on what. You might be in need of a cushion! Fortunately, we have plenty of cushion ideas to give you inspiration.

Sofa Cushion Ideas

It’s amazing what a few cushions can achieve; mixing and matching an assortment of prints and colours can really help to lift a room. And it can be subtle as well. Some of the best cushion ideas come from the finer details, like the piping. Our Hummingbird Feather Filled Cushion is an elegant navy design with pink piping, ideal for pairing with coordinating colours such as our vibrant Pink Birds Feather Filled Cushion. Take these smaller details into account when you’re looking into sofa cushion ideas - you might be surprised by the combinations you come up with.

Sara Miller London | Cushions

You can find some great sofa cushion ideas right in the comfort of your existing space: does your home already have a specific colour palette? Coordinate your cushions with your other home accents – your tableware, your wall art, your stationery – for the ultimate finishing touch. Our Green Birds Feather Filled Cushion, featuring an array of birds in an enchanted garden setting, would look wonderful in the same space as its matching wall art. But beautiful cushion ideas can extend far beyond prints and colours that match; our Navy Swan Feather Filled Cushion could be mixed with another elegant piece of décor, like our Hummingbird Wall Art.

Sara Miller London | Cushions

Bed Cushion Ideas

When we think about bed cushion ideas, we often take one obvious thing into account: our bedding. There are a multitude of cushion ideas for beds, all depending on the ambiance or mood you want to create in your space. If you’re looking for cushion cover ideas that’ll help uplift your space, perhaps opt for our Mini Peony Feather Filled Cushion. Featuring the striking peony flower, this cushion is the perfect complement to our Peony Bedding. And if you want to go one step further, combine with our Birds At Dusk Feather Filled Cushion for an eclectic fusion of unique prints and rich bursts of colour.

Sara Miller London | Cushions

Your cushion cover ideas can be adventurous without pushing the boat out too far: sometimes some simple coordination can do the trick and give your space a consistent identity. Our Swan Bedding, featuring beautiful birds and colourful foliage in a magical moonlit setting, is set in an enchanting hue that can be mixed with almost anything. However, one of the best bed cushion ideas this duvet set offers is its matching cushion – the perfect cushion ideas for beds don’t have to be complex to tie your toom together and created a focused theme.  

Sara Miller London | Swan Bedding

On the other hand, if you’re looking to make a real statement with your cushion ideas, you might want to consider combining our Heron Cushions with our striking Bamboo Bedding. Available in shades of pink or teal, these sumptuous velvet cushion ideas sit beautifully against our luxurious cotton sateen bed linen. This exotic combination is ideal if you’re looking to blur the lines between outdoors and indoors; these cushion cover ideas feature elegant birds amid the colourful bamboo flora of an oriental garden – perfect for matching with our Bamboo Bedding – but are set in different hues, simultaneously creating a vibrant contrast whilst sticking to a particular theme.

Sara Miller London | Bamboo Bedding