Corporate and Home Office Wall Art Ideas

Who said an office has to be neutral or bland? There are so many cool office wall art ideas that are sure to go down a treat with your colleagues. It’s no secret that the environment you’re in can play a massive part in how you’re feeling, so we have plenty of corporate wall art ideas up our sleeves that can help bring a splash of colour and elegance to your workspace. And, the best part is, these ideas can be applied to almost any space – big or small, home or away. You’ll never be short of wall art décor ideas for your office again!

Zebra Wall Art, Black Bamboo Wall Art, Floral Ostrich Wall Art

Are you a team of animal lovers? For a fabulous office wall art idea to suit any space, why not take a look at our Zebra Wall Art? Featuring striking zebras amongst exotic palms, this wall art is even enhanced with textured gold foil and embossed accents for an extra touch of opulence. Guaranteed to keep you motivated and inspired throughout the day, this wall art looks stunning when paired with our Black Bamboo Wall Art. The exquisite tonal contrast of these two pieces is the ideal way to make a striking statement. Featuring exotic birds nestled amongst the colourful bamboo flora of an oriental garden, this elegant artwork is guaranteed to add a charming appeal to any office space.

Why stop there? Go all out with our Floral Ostrich Wall Art – the perfect way to take your office space from zero to hero. Bursting with personality, this cool office wall art idea is certain to create a striking focal point for your décor. Combine with our Zebra Wall Art and Black Bamboo Wall Art to create a striking set – the perfect blend of quirkiness and trendiness that’s sure to uplift any space. Featuring flamboyant ostriches dressed to impress amid colourful foliage, this fun print proves there’s no reason why office wall art ideas can’t help add a sense of playfulness and relaxation to your work environment as well. Double-up with our Ostrich A5 Notebook and Ostrich Ballpen for an extra burst of fabulousness!

Coral Songbird Wall Art


Whilst we’re on the topic of relaxation, you might opt to go for this stunning Coral Songbird Wall Art. Featuring a songbird showing off her striking tail feathers while elegantly perched amongst glistening foliage, this luxurious wall art is certain to brighten up any room. With a gorgeous hue that radiates tranquil ambiance, is there a better way to add a splash of colour to your office space? What’s more, this this piece is embellished with gold foil and embossed detailing for an extra touch of opulence, making it the perfect foundation for your corporate office wall art ideas!

Navy Heart Swans Wall Art

Alternatively, if you’re looking to spruce up your home office, we have a whole host of wonderful home office wall art ideas. Go the extra mile with our Navy Heart Swans Wall Art. Add a timeless touch to your home décor with this stunning wall art – featuring vibrant swans in a magical moonlit setting. Embellished with gold foil and embossed accents, this elegant print serves as the perfect wall art décor idea to remind you of that special someone, making you smile throughout your working day. In a similar vein, you might want to explore our Hummingbird prints – our Navy Hummingbird Wall Art and Hummingbird Wall Art are versatile in nature: marvellous as classic standalone pieces or as decorative complements to one another.

Pink Herons Wall Art Grid

No matter where you’re working from, no matter the lighting or the size of the space you’re in, you’ll struggle to find fault with our Green Birds Wall Art. Timeless and sophisticated, this piece – presented in a classic white wooden frame with a white mount – features an array of stunning birds in an enchanted garden setting. Stunning as a single piece or as a complement to another print, it is a fantastic wall art décor idea for your office. Pair with our Pink Herons Wall Art for an extra splash of colour. This print, featuring elegant birds amid the colourful bamboo flora of an oriental garden, encapsulates the vividness needed to see you through those early morning meetings. You can’t go wrong!