Artisanne Noir: Why Have You Created Something So Different?

Next in our series on all things Artisanne Noir, we answer: "Why have you created something so different?" 

We're always looking to create something totally new and exciting during the design process, whilst still pulling on elements that fundamentally make us 'us' as a brand.



If you're familiar with our existing product ranges, you'll know that we have so very much for that person who loves colour, but this time around we wanted to create something for someone who is perhaps a little less confident in using colour but still loves patterns and texture (just like we do!).

The emphasis on pattern and, in particular, texture, is something totally different for us. It's a different aesthetic but can just as easily be integrated in with our existing collections (we love combining it with our India Collection and Chelsea Collection), or any other tableware you might already own - all the while still pulling through our signature gold detailing and love for intricate pattern. 



If you'd like to hear Sara talk a little more about why we've created something so different, head on over to our Instagram.

The full Artisanne Noir range can be shopped here.